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Trivia / Stargate Origins

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  • Crosscast Role: Puerto Rican actress Victoria Ortiz plays Ra, who is male and was played by Jaye Davidson in the 1994 film and Jay Williams in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Continuum.
  • No Budget: Origins had a significantly lower budget than its parent series, and it shows. Virtually none of the series' iconic technology is on display, and what little is, is not used to its full capacity, due to the noticeable lack of visual or sound effects.
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  • Post-Release Retitle: Stargate Origins was retitled Stargate Origins: Catherine when it was re-released as a Compilation Movie for purchase. It was expected that this meant there would be more "Origins" installments in the future, but the lackluster reception to the original meant that they never came to pass.
  • You Look Familiar: Connor Trinneer played the human-Wraith hybrid Michael in Stargate Atlantis before joining the cast as Professor Paul Langford.

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