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  • "Common Knowledge": The film's colloquially referred to as "Italian Star Wars" and perceived as a cheap, Italian-made cash-in on Star Wars. However, it was actually an independent American production by Roger Corman's New World Pictures, albeit one with an Italian director shot (partially) in Rome.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Star Wars ripoffs were all the rage at the end of the 1970s — this is the best-known European example.
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    • 'Zarth Arn' is also the name of the younger son of the Galactic Emperor in Edmond Hamilton's The Star Kings. This is probably coincidence, though that book did include a star system destroying weapon (implied to be galaxy or universe destroying if handled incorrectly).
    • For what it's worth, director Luigi Cozzi has repeatedly insisted in interviews that the design and script were both developed prior to the release of Star Wars. The two movies are dissimilar enough that it's at least possible it was just a coincidence, but if it is then the similarities are definitely uncanny. Most likely an early draft of the script was penned pre-Star Wars with blatant reference elements like Akton's lightsaber added later on.
    • As for the blatant Jason and the Argonauts ripoff moments... there is no answer given for those.
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  • Vacation, Dear Boy: Christopher Plummer's reason for taking the role was just to visit Rome. Really.
    "Give me Rome any day. I'll do porno in Rome, as long as I can get to Rome. Getting to Rome was the greatest thing that happened in that for me. I think it was only about three days in Rome on that one. It was all shot at once."


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