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Trivia / StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

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  • This game was the first non-Warcraft related game to be released by Blizzard since Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, way back in June 2001.
  • Development Gag:
    • Players who followed the development of the game will notice that many of the campaign-exclusive units and upgrades were originally in the multiplayer at some point. Examples include the Diamondback tank, the Battlecruiser's missile barrage and defense matrix abilities, the Science Vessel's nano-repair (indeed, the Science Vessel itself), and the Banshee's missiles doing splash damage.
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    • Speaking of the older units, nearly every one of them exists within the editor, and many of them can at least be encountered in missions, like the Protoss Scout or the Zerg Scourge.
  • Mythology Gag: The third Terran mission is the third Terran mission from the previous game. In both missions, you control a small Terran enclave next to a huge Zerg base and you must endure increasingly large Zerg attacks for 20 minutes while an evacuation fleet arrives.
  • Rereleased for Free: Wings of Liberty was made free on November 14, 2017.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early footage of the single-player campaign hinted at a subplot of the Hyperion crew considering a mutiny due to being underpaid and overworked. There is a similar subplot in the final product, but the motivation for the crew is not working conditions, it's Jim's decision to work with the Dominion to defeat/rescue Kerrigan. The same footage showed you could return to Mar Sara for a mission later in the game. This was also scrapped.
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    • Kachinsky was originally planned to be another main character with his own set of missions to provide.
    • At some point Donny was planned to be killed by riots during the uprising on Korhal after "Media Blitz". He would then have been revealed to have been a robot. Though this plot element was scrapped, his sparking half-destroyed robotic body is still in the map editor.
    • All over the place with units, who had abilities constantly shifting around during development. To list what would be some of the more influential changes:
      • The Viking would have been built from the Factory with the air mode transformation as an upgrade. Around this time there was a different Terran ATA unit, the Predator.
      • The Queen would have evolved along with the player's Hatchery, gaining more HP, power and stronger abilities as it evolved.
      • The Carrier would have been replaced by the Tempest, a weaker anti-ground focused unit, and the Void Ray, then the Warp Ray, was the new Protoss capital ship.

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