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  • Captain Ersatz: The Kragnans and the Xenterrans from Alien Racers are clear expies of the Zerg and the Protoss.
  • Fan Nickname: "Artie" for Artanis.
  • Novelization First: Starcraft: Ghost had a prequel novelization called "Nova", which was released in 2006, and was supposed to come out simultaneously with the game. The proper novelization called "Spectres" didn't come out until early 2011. And both are apparently canon, given the events of Nova's cameo.
  • Trope Namer: The StarCraft series is the Trope Namer for:
  • Vaporware: StarCraft: Ghost.
  • The Wiki Rule: The StarCraft Wiki and liquipedia StarCraft Wiki.
  • What Might Have Been:
    • Terrans had a power plant structure that acted as a pylon. This clashed with their Base on Wheels racial ability and was cut.
    • Marines were called "Marauders" and had a grenade launcher ability. Blizzard couldn't balance it, and it now only appears in cinematics. Another option Blizzard toyed with was to give them man-portable "Chaingun Cannons" instead of assault rifles (incidentally, this could be why the "Infantry Weapons" button is a picture of a minigun).
    • The Goliath had a flamethrower and could aim its missiles at ground targets. This was considered too much dakka for one unit to handle for such a cheap cost, so the flamethrower became its own unit-the Firebat. The missile launcher was also reserved for Anti-Air. The sprite was also thought to be too skinny, and was bulked up a bit.
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    • Speaking of firebats, their flamethrowers were longer ranged and set scenery on fire.
    • The Science Vessel used to have AT-AT legs.
    • Siege Tanks looked like something straight out of Command & Conquer, having a cockpit sitting between two huge cannons.
    • A structure called the "Weapons Plant" was present, and used the Engineering Bay sprite. A structure called the "Chemical Plant" used the Armory's sprite.
    • Battlecruisers didn't have their distinctive hammerhead and clearly-visible laser cannon batteries. They looked like flying boats.
    • The Vulture's basic attack was to yeet spider mines at enemies, instead of just planting them.
    • Terran structures used to be able to have all their modules at once. They could also recycle destroyed machines.
    • The Academy was supposed to be the Barracks' add-on. For whatever reason, it was split into a seperate building, leaving the Barracks as the sole production structure with no modules.
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    • Starports had the addon "Drydocks," which repaired nearby aircraft.
    • The original Zerg (given the working title "Nightmarish Invaders") wouldn't look out of place in R-Type.
    • Drones were a flying unit.
    • Mutalisks used to spit acid instead of glaive wurms, which was the Queen's basic attack.
    • The zerg hatchery already was going to upgrade itself in 3 tiers, but it looked like a big tumor with long tusks randomly peppered around it instead of a castle made out of meat. It also always had that very unfortunate-looking orifice in the middle. At one point, the Hatchery used the Lair sprite and the Lair used the queen's nest sprite.
    • The Spore Colony used the Evolution Chamber sprite.
    • The Spire was called the "Scoria." It also looked like a mace head.
    • Scourges couldn't be spawned by themselves, they popped out of dying Guardians and were called "Avengers." They were also dominated by a huge, gaping maw and a bunch of horn-like appendages.
    • Hydralisks had a bulbous crest that resembled the mantle of a squid, and were melee fighters. That is why they never spit spikes during the cinematics.
    • Nexi looked very much like stargates.
    • The Cybernetics Facility was called the "Gencore."
    • The Robotics Facility was called the "Repair Bay." Presumably, it fixed broken protoss vehicles. The original robotics facility looked like a tree made of assembly-line arms.
    • The Beacon used to be called the Warp Accelerator.
    • Fighters (wraiths, scouts, and mutas) would swoop and bank, with beautiful contrails trailing behind them as they fought. You can probably guess why that was cut, as nice as it looked. Worker units also dropped the goodies they were carrying when they died, which was also a similarly bad idea.
    • Units used to have a tech level indicator that rose in response to research (ex Terran Space Marine mk. II).
    • Every unit had a basic attack.


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