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Trivia / Star Trek Voyager S 2 E 16 Meld

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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Obviously, this is one of Tim Russ' favorites, and he considers it a "defining moment" for Tuvok.
  • Typecasting: Brad Dourif is no stranger to playing a ruthless murderer.
  • Wag the Director: Originally, Suder was to be a human character. Tim Russ got involved behind the scenes and got the writers to change it to a Betazoid character.
    Russ: One of the major changes we made was the character I meld with. Originally it was human, but it made more sense to be an alien, because we already had him meld with Humans before and there is no problem with that. When you meld you exchange yourself and this depends on the species. The idea is that this is something Vulcans do in and among themselves, but is not designed for other species. You are really rolling the dice in the game when you do that, and that is what we wanted to explore. I think with a Human he would be able to control their emotions more so than an alien. Betazoids are powerful and emotional and passionate and those elements together in this individual who is dangerous and has a great deal of anger and hostility would make a better character to meld with.

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