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Trivia / Star Trek: The Next Generation S6E4 "Relics"

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  • Deleted Scene: Troi counseling Scotty, which annoys him once he realizes she's a therapist. This was the one scene they really interacted, but since it was deleted, some found her goodbye to him at the end of the episode puzzling.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Scotty's look of amazement at the holographic recreation of the TOS Enterprise set was actually James Doohan's first time seeing the set.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There was discussion among the writers over which character from TOS (besides McCoy and Spock, of course) should be used. Kirk was suggested, but that considered "too heavy."
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    • The holodeck scene would've used footage from old TOS episodes to allow Scotty to see and talk with Kirk's crew from back in the day. That was deemed too expensive, but the general idea was put to good use about five years later.
    • The novelisation of the episode not only includes the scene with Troi, but also adds the following;
      • A 'prelude' looking at the events of the Jenolan crash, which clarifies that the bridge was evacuated of all but Scotty, Franklin, the captain and the engineer before the crash; the rest of the crew and passengers all suffocated when the main lounge area they had been sent to suffered a micro-fracture that led to them suffocating before Scotty or Franklin could regain consciousness and get them to safety.
      • A conversation with Scotty, Data and Guinan in Ten-Forward.
      • Scotty's visit to the holodeck including a recreation of a time when the senior staff were celebrating his anniversary of joining the crew, Picard joining Scotty as he interacts with the holograms and indirectly revealing to Scotty that Spock is still alive in this era.
      • Two sub-plots involving an away team being sent to examine a city in the Dyson Sphere and Ensign Darrin Kane expressing resentment of the feeling that Commander Riker isn't giving him a chance to prove himself.
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    • Originally, it was Brannon Braga who was slated to write the episode, but he, wanting to write "A Fistful of Datas", conceded, "I knew I couldn't possibly write it. I didn't even know who Scotty was. This was a Ron [Moore] show."


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