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Trivia / Star Trek: The Next Generation S3E7 "The Enemy"

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  • Wag the Director: Attempted. Michael Dorn and other members of the writing staff objected to the idea that Worf wouldn't give blood to the Romulan, but they were overruled by producer Michael Piller.
  • What Could Have Been: In early drafts of the script, Troi was also trapped on Galorndon Core. Marina Sirtis saw this an example of her character remaining underutilized and underdeveloped:
    In the original draft which I happened to read which we're not allowed to see so we don't make conversations like this, it was Troi and Geordi stranded on the planet and because Geordi was blinded by the electromagnetics preventing his visor from working when we came across the Romulan it was actually Troi who incapacitated him. I felt very excited about this. I finally got to do something interesting and different and, of course, when the final script came not only was I not on the planet, but I had one line at the end of the show – and that was actually cut. That's the kind of thing that happens and I wish it wouldn't.
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  • The obscure reference Picard makes to "historical moments that ended up setting off terrible wars", Station Salem-One, would have come up again in Season 4's "Family" as the place where one of Jack Crusher's ancestors died...but that portion of the scene between Jack's hologram and Wesley ended up deleted, leaving the reference still unexplained. (Even with the cut portion, it doesn't seem the script would have fully explained what happened there or why it was significant.)

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