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Trivia / Star Trek: The Next Generation S1E7 "Justice"

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  • Alan Smithee: Writer John D.F. Black used the pseudonym Ralph Willis because the final episode bore little resemblance to his original script.
  • Old Shame: Wil Wheaton cringes to this day over Wesley's "I'm with Starfleet, we don't lie" line, though admits that in retrospect it actually serves as a bit of Fridge Brilliance, showing that Wesley may be smart, but he's also extremely naive.
  • Troubled Production: A minor case. The actual filming wasn't too bad aside from heavy air traffic at the shooting location, forcing them to redub a huge amount of the footage. But actually getting to that point was hell, thanks to the absurd number of rewrites the script went through. To put it in perspective, this was the first full story to be commissioned for the series (not counting the pilot), but it was the eighth one to be filmed.
  • What Could Have Been: In Black's treatment, the colony of Llarof installed punishment zones to fight anarchy; however, the zones are now enforced to abide the law, but for only those who are deemed not immune to them. An Enterprise-D security guard, Officer Tenson, protecting two children while on shore leave, happens upon a crime scene, and is shot dead by the policeman Siwel, who is also killed by his partner Oitap on the spot, for misinterpreting his duty. In his first draft, Picard decides not to help the rebels led by Reneg who fight against this system of council member Trebor. Finally, it turns out the rebels install a similarly totalitarian regime when they gain power. In the second draft, the rebel leader, called Reneg is put on trial and executed for treason. Picard muses on the topic of people having their right to decide their own justice without interference.
    • Sdrawkcab Name: Once again, the leader or helper to a resistance movement is called Gene — or in this case Gene R. Indeed, all the above referenced alien names are reversals: "For all" (As in "Justice for all"), "Lewis", "Patio", and "Robert".
  • You Look Familiar: The unnamed tactical officer is played by Josh Clark, who later played Lt. Joe Carey on Star Trek: Voyager. Some fans believe that the tactical officer is, in fact, Carey.

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