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Trivia / Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation²

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  • Fandom Nod: The entire concept of the work. Ever since the Borg were created in Star Trek, Doctor Who fans have been accusing them of being Cybermen knock-offs, so once the same comics company got the rights to both universes a crossover featuring both was inevitable.
  • What Could Have Been: A Deep Space Nine guest-starring Enterprise/Eleventh Doctor & Clara followup, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Doctor Who - Domination, was in the works before IDW lost the Doctor Who license. It would have involved both the Dominion enlisting a dimensionally-displaced Sontaran squadron to their cause and using their time travel technology to wage the Dominion War in both the Enterprise and DS9 eras, and Section 31 attempting to steal the TARDIS.

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