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Trivia / Star Trek S3 E10 "Plato's Stepchildren"

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  • The Cameo: Michael Dunn, known to audiences of the time as Dr. Loveless in The Wild Wild West, plays Alexander.
  • The Cast Showoff: Spock is forced to serenade the Enterprise ladies. Leonard Nimoy is happy for a chance to display his melodious baritone.
  • Wag the Director: According to Nichelle Nichols, in the early script, it was supposed to be Spock that kissed Uhura, but William Shatner had it changed, saying, "If anyone's gonna get to kiss Nichelle, it's going to be me, I mean, Captain Kirk!"
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  • What Could Have Been: The original script had Christine kissing with Spock, Kirk with an attractive yeoman, and Dr. McCoy with Uhura, then everybody changing around. NBC objected to this as "too sexual", so they reworked it various ways. In a 2013 interview with the Vancouver Sun, Nichelle Nichols revealed that for a while, the plan was to have Uhura and Spock go into a clinch. Nichols and Nimoy practiced assiduously until Shat caught them at it and declared if anyone was going to kiss Nichols, it would have to be him. (Another version of the story has producer Fred Freiberger taking the credit for insisting it had to be Kirk and Uhura.) The Spock-Uhura idea makes sense with previous hints and attempts on the part of Nichols and Nimoy and some of the staff writers, going back to the very first episode, to suggest that Spock and Uhura would eventually get together.
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  • Working Title: The Sons of Socrates.

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