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Trivia / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S01E10 "Move Along Home"

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  • Deleted Scene: In a deleted or unfilmed scene, Bashir whispers to Dax that he is considering having Garak make him a new dress uniform, although Jadzia isn't sure it would be appropriate to have a Cardassian tailor make a Starfleet uniform.
  • Inspiration for the Work: Michael Piller said that this episode was inspired by the episode "Checkmate" of The Prisoner (1967). In some early versions of the script, our characters were placed in a surreal village, similar to the village featured in that series.
  • Old Shame:
    • Avery Brooks named this as one of his two least favourite episodes at a 2016 convention.
    • Director David Carson has described this episode as "disappointing."
    • Ronald D Moore stated that when he watched this episode prior to joining the DS9 writing staff, he was "wondering if everyone had lost their minds".
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The reason Bashir is forced out of the game is because Alexander Siddig was filming "Birthright" on TNG. Originally, Terry Farrell was supposed to appear in "Birthright."
    • Frederick Rappaport's original ending was different from the ending that appears in the finished episode:
    Michael was dissatisfied with my ending, in which Sisko and the others had to cross over a chasm. The chasm fell away, leaving Sisko essentially hanging by a thread. He was telling Kira and Dax to go on, because the passageway to freedom was on the opposite side, where they were. They had to save him, and it was Indiana Jones style.
  • Working Title: Sore Losers.


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