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  • Acting for Two: Brian Holden, Nick Lang, Lauren Lopez, Jim Povolo and Dylan Saunders. In fact, except for Joey Richter, everyone plays at least one major character and miscellaneous ensemble parts.
  • What Could Have Been: According to Joe Walker, in his ideal version of the play all of the bugs would have been genuinely hideous. Joe thinks that the bugs as they are, most of them being Ugly Cute at their very worst, kind of ruin the joke of the show's premise. It's interesting to think about: in Joe's vision, the song "Beauty" would have been funny and ironic instead of sincere.
    • Although the show is very popular, Matt and Nick Lang discuss it almost like it's an Old Shame, feeling that it's too bloated with different ideas that never quite come together. Mostly, they agree with fans that the Beta Couple Tootsie Noodles and Mega-Girl should be the main couple, and that Bug's romance with February is a bit of a Romantic Plot Tumor. Hence, in their rough draft of a sequel, the Bug Planet plotline is dropped completely and Tootsie/Mega-Girl become the main characters.
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    • This was the last Starkid show Darren Criss worked on before he had to officially cut ties due to his commitment to Glee. Originally, the intention was for him to play Tootsie Noodles — the character was significantly reworked after the role passed to Dylan Saunders.


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