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Trivia / StarCraft I

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  • Dummied Out: Data-mining the CD has revealed that there were two missions in the Terran Campaign that didn't make the final cut:
    • The first one, Biting The Bullet, would take place right after Norad II and would have involved attacking the main Zerg Hive Cluster on Antiga Prime in order to create an opening for the colonists to escape. The protoss would've teamed up to assist the Terrans during the final part of this mission.
    • The second one, Operation Silent Scream, took place right after The Big Push and featured an invasion of the city of New Gettysburg. This was supposed to be when the psi-emitters are deployed on Tarsonis, and would have also explained why the Protoss forces had set up their base at New Gettysburg.
  • Manual Misprint: All the stats in the manual are from a pre-release build. Most of them match, but...
    • The Defiler used to have a "venom" attack. In the final game, they're defenseless casters.
    • Mutalisks allegedly have an "acid spray" attack. This one made it into a cutscene!
    • The Queen used to have a Glave Wurm attack. In the final game, that's the Mutalisk's attack, and Queens are defenseless casters. Also, the ability to infest Command Centers had to be researched.
    • Generic High Templars used to have a "Psi Assault" attack. Only Tassadar kept that in the final. They also had to research Archon summoning.note 
    • The Wraith's anti-ground laser was apparently an upgrade at some point.
  • No Export for You: The Japanese-localization of Starcraft I was never updated past ver 1.00 and never got the Brood War expansion due to insufficient popularity.
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  • Quote Source: Became Their Own Antithesis
  • Rereleased for Free: The original versions of StarCraft and Brood War were made free on April 21, 2017 as a lead-in to Remastered.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: During the development of the first game, Zeratul was intended to be a unique Dark Templar unit with a single warp blade, while the normal Dark Templar had two. However, the team ran out of time to do this, so Zeratul's sprite was reused for the standard Dark Templar. This continued into the sequel, and between that and how iconic Zeratul himself is, the image of the Dark Templar wielding a single warp blade is the predominant way they're depicted and interpreted.
  • What Could Have Been: There's a Tassadar/Zeratul Archon in the map editor. Unlike the other Hero Units that don't show up in the main campaign because they were in the map editor campaign instead, this one doesn't show up anywhere in official content.
    • The original conception of the lore was much different than what it ended up becoming. Instead of Deep South in space, the Terrans were instead remnants of a Vestigial Empire fractured by infighting. Also, Arcturus Mengsk had a much different role in the storyline and seemed to be much more heroic.
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    • Due to being on the Warcraft II engine, an earlier build closely resembles Warcraft in space, including a top down view and similarly sized sprites.
    • Early concept art appears more like the art style of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.


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