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For the Game Show:

  • Foregone Conclusion: According to one recollection, the original version knew the end was near, when the questions started getting easier, and they started having trouble with the equipment. This was elaborated on further in one episode when the equipment failed to operate, and Tom Kennedy said "Welcome to Split Minute".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • The ABC version has been destroyed, like many of its peers on said network at the time. For many years, only two episodes circulated, both from 1975: May 8 (multi-time game show contestant Marvin Shinkman's fifth and final day), and the June 27 Grand Finale. In September 2008, a very early episode (May 24, 1972) surfaced as a black-and-white copy, followed in July 2009 with the preceding three shows (May 19 and 22-23). In June 2013, clips of the show's 1971 pilot surfaced on YouTube, which was followed that September by a clip of a circa-1974 rehearsal game hosted by announcer Jack Clark. In January 2016, two episodes surfaced, this time from 1974; like the '72 shows, these were also in black-and-white, with the first show missing its final segment.
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    • The syndicated version is far easier to come by these days. Canadians can see it on GameTV as of December 2013, while Buzzr started rerunning it in September 2019.
    • All of the aforementioned ABC-era footage, as well as about 20 or so episodes of the syndicated run, are on YouTube.
  • Screwed by the Network: Kind of- the show's ratings began slipping thanks to their lead-in, Password, going with a ton of gimmick weeks and eventually All-Stars, and in turn this show's rating were dragged down too. The 1986 version, meanwhile, was yet another syndicated game that expired quickly due to a lack of good timeslots and stations that carried it.


For the Video Game:

  • Dueling Games: Sorta, being released about a week before Blur, even though being an arcade racer is pretty much the only thing both games have in common.
  • What Could Have Been: The ending to Season Mode is unquestionably a Sequel Hook. However, it's merely a pipe dream at this point since Disney force-closed Black Rock Studios.
    • In early gameplay videos, one of the Route Changers in the Airport Terminal would've allowed the player to drive through the terminal itself. In the game, this is replaced with them driving through an underground parking garage.
      • Subverted in the PSP version where the beta track is now playable there, at obviously low-res.


For the Film:

  • Fake Brit: Harley Stone, a London policeman played by Dutchman Rutger Hauer while every other character is played by a Brit.


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