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Trivia / Spiral (2021)

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  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Chris Rock is a huge fan of the Saw franchise, and pitched the idea to the producers.
  • Dueling Works: With Escape Room 2, the sequel to the would-be successor to Saw's trap-based modus operandi. They were going to be released within a month of each other, but the delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic means there will be a seven-month gap between the two.
  • Fan Nickname: Saw IX, because this is the literal ninth film in the franchise.
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  • Playing Against Type: This is Chris Rock's first foray into the horror genre, as he acts in it and came up with the story.
  • Release Date Change: As was the case with the other films, this entry was set to be released in October 2020, but was moved up to May in order to avoid competition with Halloween Kills. And then it was delayed to May 21, 2021 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, before later being moved forward one week (May 14) after Black Widow was delayed to July.
  • Similarly Named Works: There is a Vangelis album titled Spiral.
    • The film was previously titled ''The Organ Donor".


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