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Trivia / Spider-Woman

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Comic Book

  • Ashcan Copy: The original Spider-Woman was created to preempt Filmation when they attempted to create a Spider-Woman character for Tarzan and the Super 7, forcing them to rename the character Web Woman.
  • Tuckerization: In Confessions of a Comic book Writer in the first issue of Spider-Woman, Marv Wolfman talks about how Jessica came to be created and named. During a dinner, they choose Drew as her last name as it was "straight to the point". She was suggested the name Jessica, but Wolfman refused at first because that was the name of her newborn daughter, but the editors insisted.

Animated Series

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: In the US, all that's been released to home video of the 1979 series was two VHS compilations with several episodes. A full series DVD does exist but it was only released in the UK, and goes for a very high price. Fortunately, the Disney+ animation library includes the whole season of Spider-Woman.
  • Role Reprise: While not credited, Spider-Man's appearances in the series had Paul Soles reprise his role as the web-slinger from Spider-Man (1967).