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Trivia / Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

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  • Role Reprise:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The credits of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game are accompanied with concept art, one of these pieces is the concept of a Symbiote Moon Knight, who is never infected in the game.
    • There were plans to make a sequel featuring Carnage and Mysterio, but it was cancelled when the studio behind the original game was shut down.
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    • An interesting variation but one plan for a sequel was to make it a What-If take with Venom being the hero of New York and Spidey, heavily taken over by the Carnage symbiote, would be the villain who causes an almost WORSE variation of what Venom did in this game, essentially quarantining it from the rest of the world. Venom would be able to form different weapons and eat certain enemies. If that kinda sounds familiar? It should. It's now known as [PROTOTYPE].
  • Working Title: The game is referred to as "Spider-Man: Red vs. Black" in concept art, in reference to the game's symbiote mechanic.


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