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Trivia / Spider-Man (Manga)

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  • Fan Nickname: "Suffering-Man" for the Yu Komori's Spider-Man because of how spectacularly crappy his life is compared to any other Spider-Man.
  • He Also Did: Ryoichi Ikegami, the illustrator and one of the creators of the first Spider-Man manga, is more known for create the Cult Classic manga/anime series Crying Freeman and Sanctuary, being very famous during The '80s and The '90s and actually one of the Names to Know in Anime.
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  • Screwed by the Network: When Marvel reprinted Ikegami's Spider-Man for Western audiences, they bowdlerised the content to be not so violent and explicit as the original source, but also they only adapted 8 of the 13 volumes, leaving the no.9 cancelled during production.

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