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Trivia / Spider-Man (1967)

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  • Acting for Two: A lot of actors from this series voiced more than one character, including Peg Dixon, who voiced most of the female characters in the series.
  • Banned Episode: The episode of the first season titled The One-Eyed Idol/Fifth Avenue Phantom is occasionally left out of circulation as it contains a lot of content that would be considered racist and sexist these days.
  • Dawson Casting: Paul Soles was 37 when he began voicing the teenaged Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and 40 when the show ended, resulting in some Vocal Dissonance for Spidey.
  • Fake American: The series' voice work was done in Canada.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: This show did not receive its own DVD until 2004; prior to this, select episodes had been released as part of video compilations of episodes of the 1994 animated series. When the DVD came out, it actually contained all the episodes, a rarity for cartoons in Disney's library. However, this set went out of print after a few years. Later, the cartoon became available for digital streaming, but it was taken off shortly afterwards. After the October 2022 addition of Sony's Spider-Man: The New Animated Series and The Spectacular Spider-Man to Disney+, the '67 series remains the only Spider-Man cartoon unavailable on the service.
  • No Budget: Like other Marvel adaptations of the time, the series was produced on the cheap, and went steadily down in budget as time went on (the animation team even had to flee their creditors while producing the third season). Most fans, though, argue this adds to the charm of the show, especially since re-using animation from Rocket Robin Hood made for some really "out there" villains and storylines. In addition, no matter how bad the animation may have been on this series, it was much better than that seen on, say, The Marvel Super Heroes, which literally just took the (admittedly awesome) comic book art and only made the mouths move.
  • Science Marches On: How does Spidey defeat Electro, who is capable of frying his webbing? By adding asbestos to his web fluid, of course! Since then, the world at large has discovered many reasons for Spidey to never even think of doing so.