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  • Ascended Fanon / Audience Participation: Christopher Baldwin responds to reader comments below the comic, and material from these dialogues occasionally makes its way into the comic itself. For example, fans came up with a semi-logical explanation for Qwahntoo's ability to survive being shot—and that same explanation was canonized on the very next page. Also, some of the Kickstarter backers were allowed to influence the comic in specific ways: one reward tier allowed the backer to specify how one of Dusty's clones died, and another tier allowed the backer to determine the name and appearance for one member of Norg-Forth's doomed human crew.
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  • Doing It for the Art: In order to keep his vehicles and rooms consistent from panel to panel, Baldwin makes computer models of all of them. Even the ones that Baldwin initially intended to use for only one page, like Pierrot's hoverbike.
  • Postscript Season: "Book 4: Darkhuenium Pandemonium", a bonus chapter set after the finale of the main story, which Chris created as a reward for the third Kickstarter fundraiser.
  • What Could Have Been: For the scene where Yuri arrives on Carpsellon as a self-styled goddess of death, Baldwin had initially planned for her to have blue skin, so she would look more like a Hindu deity. (Martina's offhand comment about Yuri turning herself into "a blue cat" appears to be foreshadowing of this point.) Baldwin abandoned this idea when he realized this would make her look too much like an alien from Avatar—so Yuri ended up with red skin and tiger-ish stripes instead.


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