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  • Blooper: A couple episodes have characters voicing each other's lines by mistake, while the collected form of the season finale had a moment where a music video should have been placed but wasn't, leading to a minute and a half of blank video. The video was eventually taken down and reuploaded to correct the mistake.
  • Cut Song: Galactic Goo became available on Amazon on November 17, 2017, but was never released in music video format.
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  • Early Draft Tie-In: The books were written before the episodes were created, and while a lot of the cartoon's content is based on the book storylines there are many differences, like Captain Hansome actually looking like his disguise, Rand being blue, and Chamberlin being very old.
  • Follow the Leader: Given the similar body types, stellar themes, emphasis on music, and characterizations, this series can be seen as cashing in on Monster High, LoliRock, and Star Darlings.
  • Missing Episode: Joining the Resistance, Trueberry Meadows, and Home to Junoia were all made hidden and stricken from the SpacePOP individual playlists, presumably due to copyright issues with the song covers. The episodes' content can still be seen on the longer-form episodes as the pertinent music videos were removed.
  • Name's the Same: Episodes 79 and 97 share the same name, "Let Freedom Ring," as do episodes 83 and 101, "Heading to the Club."
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  • Old Shame: Since being discontinued, references to SpacePOP by Genius Brands have dwindled significantly, and when mentioned on their website or press releases it tends to be derogatory, such as this release mentioning how the company pivoted away from "girls' shows about princesses" in favor of Rainbow Rangers.
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise: The tie-in books cover the first 78 episodes in more detail than the show, and were released over eight months before the web series caught up. This is because the episodes were made following the books and are largely based off of them.
  • Talking to Himself: Phillipa Alexander voices Athena and Juno, Aileen Mythen voices Luna and Geela, and Penelope Rawlins voices Rhea and Hera, leading to many cases of actors voicing several different conversations.
  • Troubled Production: After the series' debut in 2016, sales for the franchise as a whole were lower than expected. Several marketing strategies were planned for 2017 but never materialized, and by August 2018 Genius Brands wrote SpacePOP down as a loss.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Season 2 was planned, but was ultimately canceled due to lack of viewer interest, leaving the series on a cliffhanger.
    • This video shows behind-the-scenes footage and different looks for Geela and Chamberlin.
    • This early promo image shows the girls in different outfits than their finalized ones.
    • A theatrical event in September 2017 was set to have all 108 Season 1 episodes edited together to be feature-length, with Jorjeana Marie as the narrator, as well as a preview of season 2. However, it was canceled due to lack of interest.
    • Prototype Space Pet plushies and dolls of the princesses in their rebel outfits were showcased on official SpacePOP social media pages, but never hit store shelves, presumably due to the toyline getting discontinued. The dolls themselves also had prototype looks that are more detailed than the finalized versions in some respects, but less detailed in others.
    • Several marketing strategies for 2017 were planned but never came about, including a third tie-in book, a preview of season 2, a DVD release of the planned movie, and holiday and summer sweepstakes.
  • Working Title: The working title for the series was Space Princesses.