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Trivia / South Park S 9 E 12 Trapped In The Closet

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  • Alan Smithee: Right after Stan declares that they're not afraid of Scientologists suing them, the credits roll, and every name has been replaced by "John Smith" or "Jane Smith". This makes it the only South Park episode not to be technically attributed to Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
  • Undermined by Reality: While still a fan favorite, it's difficult to detach the episode's brutal satire of Scientology from the fact that it cost the show one of its stars when Isaac Hayes, a practicing scientologist, quit in protest. And that was soon undermined by Hayes's son coming forward to say that the Church of Scientology actually quit for him, taking advantage of Isaac's then-recent debilitating stroke by essentially whispering in his ear that he should quit in protest, which, in his poor mental state, he couldn't soundly judge for himself.

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