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Trivia / South Park S14E6 "201"

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  • Banned Episode: This episode will never be shown on TV again due to the uproar it caused over visually depicting Muhammad. It can be seen on DVD, but only in its aired, censored form (but, for some people, that's better than no episode at all). Meanwhile, Netflix, Hulu, the iTunes Store, the show's official website, and DVD sets in other countries don't even have this episode (nor do they have "200" and "Super Best Friends" due to the controversy this episode caused).
    • The scene where Buddha is depicted snorting cocaine alongside Jesus looking at pornography, showing the Double Standards of parodying religious figures, ironically got the episode and the entire series banned in Sri Lanka.
  • Creator Backlash: Trey Parker and Matt Stone were not happy about what Comedy Central did to this episode. Trey even threatened to quit the show after this.
  • Life Imitates Art: Looks like Comedy Central "pussed out" like in the "Cartoon Wars" episodes.

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