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Trivia / Sorcerer Hunters

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  • Acting for Two: Zaha Torte and the narrator are both played by Banjo Ginga.
  • Creator Backlash: When then-newcomer Steven Foster took over as the English dub's ADR director/screenwriter beginning with episode 14, many of the main cast members were unimpressed with the result, including Tiffany Grant.
  • Hostility on the Set: Brett Weaver, Tiffany Grant, Chris Corey and the other main English cast members reportedly had issues with Steven Foster from day one thanks to the latter making major changes to the scripts for the final 11 episodes. For example, Grant frequently fought with Foster to protect Chocola's character, and Corey was replaced by Andrew Klimko as the voice of Gateau for speaking out against Foster's changes.
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  • Old Shame: The English dub's cast and staff felt that Steven Foster's involvement as writer/director for the final 14 episodes were not up to par with Matt Greenfield's own writing and directing, and this was one of the reasons Chris Corey left the series.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • In the original Japanese version, Megumi Ogata replaces Yasuyuki Hirata as the voice of Mille Feuille in the OVA.
    • As for the English dub:
      • Beginning with episode 14, Kelly Manison, Andrew Klimko and Randy Sparks replaced Sue Ulu, Chris Corey and Guil Lunde as the respective voices of Big Mom, Gateau Mocha and Zaha Torte starting with episode 14. Manison and Klimko reprised their roles for the OVA.
      • In the OVA, Rob Mungle and Chris Patton replaced Dell Gibson and Lew Temple as the respective voices of the narrator and Mille Feuille.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Bakuretsu Hunters Wiki.
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  • You Sound Familiar: In addition to voicing Daughter, Sakiko Tamagawa also provides the voice for Lin in episode 6 and Marina in episode 7.


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