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  • Cut Song: For obvious reasons, the theme for the unused Sunset Town arena goes unheard. Also for less known reasons, no version of the game uses the proper theme for the Death Egg Hangar arena (the original Arcade version has no music, all others use the Sonic vs Knuckles theme).
  • No Export for You: The game only received a very limited overseas release prior to its port in Sonic Gems Collection. This changed though after Model2 Collection's re-release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There is a scrapped character called Honey the Cat (an anthropomorphismic version of Honey/Candy from Fighting Vipers) as well as a full playable moveset for Dr. Robotnik that can both be found within the game's code. Also, Sonic the Fighters was originally meant to have a port for the Sega Saturn, but it was scrapped. Oh, and also Rocket Metal Sonic seen in the opening was supposed to be playable. This was later changed, as the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network re-release of the game features Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman in his mecha-armor, and Honey the Cat as officially playable characters without the need of hacking. However, the other dummied out characters like Rocket Metal Sonic unfortunately remain unplayable.
      • Dr. Eggman in particular deserves further elaboration: There are actually four variations of the doctor in the game: The version seen in-game, a variation with a more elaborate mecha-suit of which only assets remain, and two versions of him fighting without the armor, one of which is bigger than the other (presumably as a reference to the Fighting Vipers final boss). It's unclear to tell if the original idea was to have separate playable and boss versions of Robotnik or if something else was planned.
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    • There is a hidden song named "Sunset Town," which apparently was supposed to be a stage in the original game, possibly for Honey the Cat. However, there are no models for the scrapped arena.
  • This game is the second of two Classic Sonic appearances that Espio the Chameleon makes. His only other appearance was in Knuckles Chaotix. Curiously, the other Chaotix members are completely absent. The Japanese manual for Chaotix makes it clear that all the characters had their own individual agenda for going to the island, and thus not really a team. In light of that, it makes more sense that they'd act of their own accord afterwards. That was, however, retconned by Sonic Heroes.


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