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Trivia / Sonic the Comic Online!

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  • Approval of God: The webcomic has recieved praise from many of the original Sonic the Comic team members, (Including head writers Nigel Kitching and Lew Stringer as well as head artist Richard Elson) with several even collaborating with them on a few issues.
  • Milestone Celebration: Exit: Sonic was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Comic.
  • Schedule Slip: Apparently they have enough scripts to last a few billion years; it's just that the artwork takes a long time to get finished, resulting the almost annual issue releases, and sometimes seemingly (or genuinely) aborted story arcs (not to mention the inevitable storyline compression, after all the Sonic stories in STCO are only seven pages long, while backup features have a five-page length). This is justified because since is a work out of love, the artists are not getting paid to draw it.
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  • Staff-Created Fan Work: Sonic The Comic Online is a Fan Sequel to Sonic the Comic that has been running for over a decade. A few issues have been worked on the artists and writers of the original comic. Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn worked together on a Distant Finale called Exit:Sonic which acts as the ending for the comic (even though Online is on-going).

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