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  • Creator's Favorite: Subverted for Blaze's origin. It is the only one with a two-parter thanks to Author Appeal. However in the afterword of Chapter 15, Word of God states that it felt unfair to the other characters, a fair percentage of the story is filler and not all of the readers liked the crossover. As stated:
    I mean, yeah, I enjoyed it, but that doesn't mean all of my readers did.
  • I Knew It!: The identity of Cream's father would be surprising if it wasn't for the huge amount of hints dropped in the chapters prior to Cream's that pretty much narrowed down the list of possible suspects to 2 or 3 people.
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  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Since higher word count usually means longer waiting time, Ri2 had to spilt Blaze's chapter into two parts. The first part is already a 40k word long doorstopper that started being written from the end of October to Christmas Day. To attempt a consistent update, this had to be done.
  • Schedule Slip: Obviously living Real Life aside, the wait between the chapters are getting longer and longer due the author trying to flesh out the world more. The gap between Chapter 5 and 6 is around a month, then Chapter 7 took 1 and 2/3 months and because the author had to write a birthday present for a friend, Chapter 8 did not even have it's first sentence written until another 1 and a half months later. Don't worry, the chapters are worth the wait.
    • Chapter 8 finally comes at Christmas 2015 after 2 months of waiting and Chapter 9 comes out on New Year's Day the very next week, while having to state a long wait for chapter 10 due to the magnitude of the story.
    • Chapter 10 arrives as a 90k word long doorstopper on the beginning of February...2017, which is 13 months later. Ri2 was going through some real life trouble and had to go on hiatus or write at a snail's pace. Word of God states that there won't be anymore doorstoppers like this and will go back to the pacing in 2015, sure enough, Chapter 11 comes just one month later.
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    • Chapter 12 arrives in mid June 2017 3 months later.
    • Chapter 13 arrives in mid Oct 2017 4 months later.
    • Chapter 14 arrives on New Years Day 2018.
    • The story concludes on 23 Jan 2018, clocking in at 15 overall chapters.
  • What Could Have Been: Chapter 10 was actually meant to be even longer than 90k words, elaborating on the 7 scenarios of the Sol Emerald hunt before the 4-phase boss fight with Dark Oak, each practically being a story all by itself. However, the author realised that it would stretch out the overall narrative and his update schedule not to mention he kept his fans waiting long enough. So he cut the Sol emerald hunt to 7 average-sized paragraphs in the opening, one for each emerald. However, if there is enough fan demand, he would consider writing the full scenario for each emerald after the whole story is finished as bonus chapters. How much of his ideas he had to cut? According to Word of God, he had written over 200 pages worth of material for Chapter 10 alone.

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