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Trivia / Song of the Lioness

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  • Old Shame: Not the actual books, but Pierce's original single manuscript before she had to divide and edit it for a younger audience. Despite numerous requests by fans to see at least some of it, she insists what we got was far better and that draft is best left forgotten.
    • She's also said that she regrets the Stalking Is Love writing in Alanna's romance with George. It was the way most romances were written at the time, but now it's the part of the whole Tortall Universe that she most wishes she could go back and change.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Pierce created the four final books by literally cutting up her original single manuscript and pasting pieces together, meaning it's impossible to ever see it. And she insists it's better that way, as she much prefers the story she ended up with.
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    • One of the few details she's shared from the original draft is that Roger and Thom were explicitly lovers, which she still considers canon. It's now widely considered for the best this was removed, given the Unfortunate Implications of the Big Bad and a weak-willed rube being the only gay characters.

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