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Trivia / Snake's Revenge

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  • Disowned Adaptation: Zigzagged as series creator Hideo Kojima has mixed feelings about the game, but on the whole he clearly has a higher opinion of it than the NES port of the first game. He once jokingly called it a "crappy game", but in his more serious statements, he has said that he doesn't think that it was a bad game at all and even called it "faithful to the Metal Gear concept".
  • Executive Meddling: A positive example. A member of the Snake's Revenge team approached Kojima during a train ride and suggested him to make a true sequel of Metal Gear.
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  • Fan Translation: As the only Metal Gear game to never receive an official Japanese release, Makimura Manufacturing took it upon themselves to release an unofficial Japanese translation of Snake's Revenge in 2010.
  • Overtook the Manga: Snake's Revenge was made before Kojima developed his own MSX2 sequel and takes the game's plot into a different direction that makes both games irreconcilable with each other.
  • What Could Have Been: There are a number of ways the series could have gone after this game, all things considered. Imagine if the game wasn't rendered Canon Discontinuity; how would games like Metal Gear Solid have continued its events?


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