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Trivia / Smiles of a Summer Night

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  • Breakthrough Hit: This is Bergman's sixteenth film in nine years, but it's the one that essentially gave him Protection from Editors for the rest of his career.
  • Money, Dear Boy: After a couple of commercially unsuccessful movies, Bergman was told in no uncertain terms that he needed a hit.
    My comedies have come about for the same reason I made commercials. They were supposed to make money. This doesn't embarrass me at all. Most things in the movie world have come about for that reason.
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  • Troubled Production: In spades, despite the light and happy feel of the film. Bergman was in a very "dark mood" throughout (it probably didn't help that he'd cast his ex-girlfriend and his current girlfriend in the same film). By the end of the shoot, everyone was an emotional wreck and Bergman had himself committed to hospital convinced that he had cancer (he didn't).

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