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  • Banned in China: After a heated debate between Darling In The Fran XX fans and Violet Evergarden fans ended in Darling being reported to the Chinese government for immorality, both it and Slow Start—which was also produced by A-1 Pictures—were banned, ostensibly because of their sexual undertones.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Website Anime Feminist published a disparaging review of the anime that basically accused it of being for pedophiles. In addition to the general condescending implication women can't like moe, it makes the baffling remark "everything [feels] plasticky and unreal, as if no one on the team has ever actually spoken with a teenage girl (a fact for which we should probably be grateful)." Both the original manga author and the anime screenwriter are women, something which is easily verified by spending two minutes on Google. You would think a site dedicated to championing women in the arts would do basic research on whether it was made by women, and yet....

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