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  • Creative Differences: While drunkenly beating his girlfriend was what ultimately got Chance Garnette thrown out (especially after Evan Linger told the rest of the band that if Chance was allowed to stay after that, he would quit on the spot), they were ultimately beyond sick of him well before that; his anger problems, rigid and inflexible "my way or the highway" attitude, and generally deeply unpleasant personality had driven a deep wedge between him and the rest of the band, and Linger particularly disliked him and would regularly call him out on his behavior.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: At One with the Shadows is long out-of-print on CD and is unlikely to ever see a reissue on that format; while it did see a vinyl reissue in 2014, it was limited to 500 copies, sold out rapidly, and is even less likely to receive a second pressing than the CD format.
  • The Pete Best: Jimi Shestina, who played on several early releases before leaving and never did anything music-related after that.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: While the band was sick of his shit and the writing was on the wall for Chance Garnette either way, drunkenly attacking his girlfriend in the lobby of a hotel in October of 2014 after some friends bought him too many shots for his own good was what truly did him in.
  • What Could Have Been: Nate Garnette and especially Scott Hedrick had wanted to make the stylistic shift that they made on Devouring Radiant Light long before Chance was fired, but Chance steadfastly insisted on not deviating from their established style.

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