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The comic book

  • Breakthrough Hit: For Robbie Thompson. Before, he only did TV stuff, and the only comics experience was when he wrote several issues of The Human Target, and Silk was his first major credit for Marvel. Being that he was originally lesser-known, and Silk was unpopular with fans it was likely that Marvel just gave the title to him to avoid any major losses. The result was that Thompson was able to salvage the character by portraying her far better than Slott ever did, and she gained a sizable fanbase. Since then, he's gone on to be one of Marvel's most prominent writers.
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  • Fan Nickname: Many of Cindy's detractors sarcastically referred to her "pheromone abilities" (which basically make Peter uncontrollably want to have sex with her whenever he's around her) as Cindy having "The Power of Date-Rape" or "My date rape sense is tingling."
  • What Could Have Been: She was originally going to be one of the alternate universe Spideys in Spiderman Into The Spider Verse but the creators decided to use Peni Parker because they wanted a character who didn’t have normal Spidey powers. They’re using her in a spinoff called Spider-women.


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