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  • He Also Did: They've all got around quite a bit.
    • Dan Weller is a VERY prolific producer. The most well known example is that he's been involved with every Enter Shikari album since Common Dreads.
    • Justin Hill: He has produced albums by Yashin, Heart of a Coward, All But One and Betraying the Martyrs, among others.
    • Graham "Pin" Pinney: He is a member of the (currently inactive) Tech Metal band Aliases.
    • James Leach is a member of the bands Gold Key, Krokodil, Messenger and supposedly The Hell as well. He was also a member of Pure Love, a short-lived project by Frank Carter that he embarked upon in the early stages of his post-Gallows career.
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    • Mikee Goodman is a voice actor and was the overall director of all the voice acting, as well as doing voices himself, on the game No Truce with the Furies. He has also been involved in the bands The Painted Smiles, Sad Season, Primal Rock Rebellion and Outside the Coma and provided guest vocals for This Is Menace and Bat for Lashes.
    • Joe Rosser is a producer, the frontman and main songwriter of Mask of Virtue and a member of Aliases along with Pin.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Joe Rosser. He was a huge fan of the band before being asked to join. The influence that SikTh had on him can be heard in his work outside of the band.

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