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  • Executive Meddling: What ultimately led to the company's virtual collapse after the 90s. After being purchased by Vivendi, the new executives closed Dynamix, (developer of the Aces series and other racing and combat simulations) and directed the company to abandon adventure game development entirely. Unfortunately, despite publishing a number non-adventure titles, this pretty much eliminated Sierra's main product as a developer, and the company never really recovered, until by the end of the 2000s Sierra effectively only existed as a label. Meddling immediately prior to the Vivendi buyout was also directly responsible for the utter mess that was King's Quest: Mask of Eternity, and the lukewarm reception for Quest for Glory V, among the last adventure titles produced by the company.
    • A Babylon 5 space combat simulator was nearly completed, but was canceled much to the uproar of the fans. The CEO at the time argued that the game's development cost was so high that the game would have never turned a profit. It was very shortsighted decision: many old games have found a second life through online distribution such as Steam or or modding.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Al Lowe was working on a satire game called Capitol Punishment that took shots at American politicians. He canceled the game because of technical issues.
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    • Captives was a game advertised in Sierra's InterAction magazine, but never released. It was about the PC playing a mercenary rescuing hostages held captives by aliens. Saving different types of hostages would wield different benefits. Soldiers would give you extra firepower, scientists would research better weapons for you. There was also armed vehicles you could temporary use.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Sierra Chest, a fansite that chronicles Sierra's entire library, offering walkthroughs, cheats, maps, downloads and music from various Sierra games.