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Trivia / Sidekicks

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  • The Cast Showoff: The martial arts skills of Norris and Julia Nickson stand out. Joe Piscopo also takes the time to show off how incredibly ripped he was.
  • Follow the Leader: A film in the mold of The Karate Kid.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Sidekicks is notoriously hard to find on video; it received a VHS tape back in the '90s but as usual for the era, it was pan-and-scan. The movie never received a DVD release in the U.S., and though it got released on DVD overseas, they're not easy to come by, nor cheap.
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  • Playing Against Type: Alan Silvestri's score, which was a big departure from his rousing orchestral scores in films like Back to the Future, Predator and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, instead opting for a combination of Asian-influenced pieces and light metal.

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