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Trivia / Shokugeki no Soma

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  • Acting for Two:
  • Dueling Shows: With Gourmet Girl Graffiti.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Kitchen Stadium" for the Shokugeki arena, given the similar competitive format and layout between the two.
    • "The Semi-Naked Chef" for Satoshi Isshiki due to his penchant of wearing as little clothing as possible.
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    • "Meat" for Ikumi Mito, though it's already part of her In-Series Nickname "Nikumi" and her surname is a Pun on it. Exemplified in official art where she wears a shirt that says "meat".
    • Other specialty-based nicknames include "Smoke" for Shun Ibusaki and "Curry" for Akira Hayama.
    • Upon the Council of Ten Masters' introduction, eighth seat Terunori Kuga is promptly dubbed "Yugi" due to resemblance. Considering the Akira/Ryou Kurokiba match during the Tournament Arc contains a Shout-Out to Yu-Gi-Oh!, it wouldn't be surprising if this is deliberate.
      • In the same vein, "Pacha" for third seat Tosuke Megishima and "Annie" for fourth seat Momo Akanegakubo.
    • "Hannibal" for Erina Nakiri's father Azami Nakiri; also "Aizen" after his first name is revealed, combined with arrogance and over-the-top gestures, as well as "Edgelord" due to his Knight of Cerebus status and general visual creepiness. The Aizen moniker turns hilarious when this character's voice actor for the Animated Adaptation is the same person.
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    • The new members of Central during The Purge are nicknamed by commenters as "Hisoka", "Ahegao", "Hulk" and "Weird Gal"note .
    • "Shokugeki no NTR", an in-joke as a result of the current Arc Villain from the Le Cuisiner Noir, whose motivation is to steal Erina away from Soma.
    • Some forums liked to label Asahi as El Hermano, playing off the fact that a Jump manga really did introduce a brother character for the protagonist to fisht.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Akira's Flashback occurring at the exact moment of the final judgment in the Tournament Arc made it pretty obvious who would win the Fall Classic. Those used to seeing this gimmick throughout Manga saw this coming from a mile away.
    • Tsukasa Eishi calling off the deal to make Soma Yukihira his underling, despite winning their impromptu cook-off, was a result that was guessed correctly by a number of people.
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    • Akira joining Central was called months in advance before the actual reveal in Chapter 179 due to the character's mysterious absence in the wake of Azami taking over the academy and dissolving all research societies and seminars, including Jun Shiomi's.
    • A popular theory surrounding Jouichiro Yukihira was despite holding the second seat on the Council of Ten Masters during his time at Tootsuki, many believed he was a far better chef than Gin Doujima, the first seat - supporting this was the amount of appraisal he had received in comparison to Gin. Turns out that was exactly the case: Jouichiro won 101 out of 121 matches against Gin, whom the latter explicitly believes Jouichiro was the best chef from their generation despite out-ranking him.
    • How the "Régiment de Cuisine" played out was, for the most part, very predictable among readers; in particular, the first two rounds and the final round: round one ends with the Rebels ousting the fodder characters in Central's team, providing a win for Soma Yukihira against Nene Kinokuni, while the second round is Central returning the favor by thrashing the Rebels' team members with their best from the Council of Ten Masters. The final round was correctly guessed with Soma and Erina Nakiri remaining to take on the first and second seats, Tsukasa and Rindou Kobayashi, respectively.
      • Knowing the story will inevitably feature a re-ordering of the Council of Ten Masters, fans expected Soma and Erina to take the top two seats (whomever sits in which spot was irrelevant). With the conclusion of the Régiment de Cuisine, Soma does take first seat, but Erina becoming the new director of Totsuki was a curve ball no one saw coming.
  • Market-Based Title: The English-language dub adds the "Food Wars!" prefix.
  • The Other Darrin: With Risa Taneda on hiatus because of her throat problems, Hisako Kanemoto takes her place following the second season.

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