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Trivia / Shaolin Wuzang

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  • Missing Trailer Scene: Some scenes in the trailer also appear in the opening or series proper, while some do not. The ones only in the trailer include:
    • Sanzang telling the story of Heihu to the protagonists in a cave. (Some shots from this appear in the opening, while the footage of the cave paintings is used in the series' Distant Prologue.)
    • Hua having her hair sliced while dodging through the swinging bladed pendulums from the opening.
    • Tang leaping and slicing through burning coals and making it to the end before realizing he's on fire.
    • An extended version of the Outdoor Bath Peeping scene from "Deep Within the Mirror" which ends with the boys being interrupted by a tiger and tumbling into the water. (A bit of the tiger scene appears in the opening.)
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    • An extended version of the rooftop battle from the opening.


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