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Trivia / Shady Oaks SMP

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  • Approval of God: The YouTubers involved in the SMP commend fan works made of it and Squid even decorates his walls with fanart.
  • Ascended Meme:
    • The server started out as one. Squid jokingly tweeted out the idea that the OG MCYT should make a server and call it "Shady Oaks", and everything just snowballed from there.
    Squid: "Is Dan the creator of this?" No, it was, um... To be fair, I tweeted the original idea out, I think, did I? Yeah, 'cause I was like, "We should have, like, an SMP for old people, and call it 'Shady Oaks'," I tweeted that on Twitter; and then the lads were like, "That's a good idea!" And then it kind of stemmed from there, so... you know, I kind of... I'll take credit for that, I'll take credit. But no, I mean, I— I mean, I— it was a random tweet, nothing was supposed to come of it, but ehm... you know, a lot of... uh, with the bits...
    • For Minecraft: Justin notices that James got his hands on an enchanted golden apple, and asks if he had been "mining off-cam", referencing the Stock Phrase mocking Minecraft YouTubers who blatantly cheat in items through creative mode when they aren't recording.note 
  • Gameplay and Story Integration:
    • The one set of netherite armour, tools and weapons serve as MacGuffins and are part of a deeper server lore, therefore unless they are part of the set, which can only be obtained during events, all other netherite gear is banned and against server rules.
    • In a case of Streaming and Story Integration, Squid's facecam cuts out while he is being possessed by Kindness.
  • Meme Acknowledgement: In the Post-Curse stream, a group chat memeing about Justin in his underwear — who made a post about it on Twitter — gets brought up.
  • Word of God: It is stated numerous times throughout the SMP that nothing is scripted, unlike some other servers.
  • You Might Remember Me from...: Each of the YouTubers in the series were famous for their own various Minecraft series in the past.
    • Squid is known for his Sky Island Challenge series and the subsequent Slippery Survival series, as well as his participation in collaborations such as Race to the Moon.note 
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    • Dan is known for his Mod Showcases and various modded series including The Diamond Dimensions and the Custom Mod Adventures. He has also made a guest appearance in Season 1 Episode 6 of Minecraft: Story Mode.
    • Justin is known for his Noodle Planet Survival series and Think's Lab mod roleplays.
    • James is known for his Minecraft songs and parodies.
    • Cupquake is known for her modded series Minecraft Oasis.
    • Big B is known for his various console series like Hide and Seek and Murder Mystery. He also made a guest appearance in Season 2 Episode 3 of Minecraft: Story Mode.
    • Jerome is a former member of Team Crafted and is closely associated with Sky Does Minecraft and BajanCanadian, and is known for being good at PvP and playing Minecraft Hunger Games.
    • Yammy is known for her various Let's Play series like Minecraft Eden and One Life, and is associated with fellow YouTubers like LD Shadow Lady.
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    • Ecko is known for making videos on the Legacy Console edition of Minecraft.

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