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  • Colbert Bump: Retsupurae's wrongpurae of the game.
  • The game is based on a combination of two of Lovecraft's short stories; The Shadow Over Innsmouth and "The Dunwich Horror."
  • While in development, many of the game's characters and places had different names. For instance, Parker was called Carter, Jugg was called Rugs and Illsmouth was called Isthmuth. This is also why in the death screen the voice says "Parker" but the text says Carter, they apparently forgot to change it in that screen.
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  • The disk version of the game had an unusual (if slightly annoying)copy protection system, which was dropped completely in the CD version; There was a small card with "Invitation to Arkham Planetarium" written on it, which folded out into a box with a magnifying glass and a star chart. You had to peer through the glass and find the star formations that matched the ones on-screen.
  • A lot of Illsmouth's residents look familiar. For example Nathan Tyler (Jack Nicholson), Doctor Cobble (Vincent Price), Jed Donahue (Walter Brennan), Tobias Jugg (Paul Scofield), Thomas Bishop (Robert Mitchum), W.B. Griffith (Sydney Greenstreet), Mayor Arlington (Tor Johnson), Miss Picott (Lillian Gish), Gloria Tilton (Melanie Griffith), and David Underhouse (Lovecraft himself). Also, Parker himself looks like Dennis Quaid.
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  • There was a demo of the game released, which included a short playable section but was mostly a rolling demo. But although it did give you a basic feel for the gameplay and atmosphere, almost none of the material, including the demo's music and title screen, made it into the final game.
  • There is also a weird and slightly creepy graphical glitch that can be replicated on the CD version (I don't know about the disk and digital versions) The game will mostly allow you to save at any time but although the game will let you, if you save in the middle of a conversation -namely if you save it when there is a close-up portrait of either Parker or the character you are speaking to, when you reload the saved game the character portrait that was speaking will be stuck on the screen, but with the eyes missing, and the game will semi crash, you can still load another game (which will work normally) and the music and animation will continue, but that specific saved game will just be stuck at that moment and you will not be able to click away or progress.


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