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  • Development Gag: After the release of the first few books, fans began to publicly point to inconsistencies in writing (Captain Reis is briefly mentioned as a man in the Core Book but is very prominently a woman in the Pirate Nations splat). JW pointed to the fact that this has more to do with the sheer number of writers working on the game at the same time than any individual mistake. He did mention an interesting (bordering on an Awesome, Dear Boy) solution: the official Errata of 7th Sea Second Edition might be written as a book from a Vaticine scholar, weighing how ANY preferred version of the conflicting lore might be true in a particular game. Mission Creep being what it is though, this has only been stated on the official podcast and not yet printed in public blogs or Kickstarter updates.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: JW has given his approval of fan content for the 7th Sea: Second Edition universe after the release of the main book. Fans can create and distribute Adventures, mini splatbooks, and hacks of the system on DriveThruRPG. JW has a list of forbidden locations and topics on his website (locations he's pledged to visit in future official content) but it's rather short.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • An inevitability after the Kickstarter broke every record ever made for Tabletop Games. The dev team promised more and more stretch goals- source books, novels, maps, trinkets and toys. While they kept to schedule fairly well, by late 2017 the delivery of books needed to be rearranged. Lands of Gold and Fire and The New World, two of the most anticipated books from the Kickstarter, were delayed almost a whole year. The good news is that the book quality hasn't slipped with the delays.
    • The schedule was once again hit with a major slip- the Sourcebook for Quamontaigne (North America) was delayed from Summer 2018 to sometime in early 2019, to a generic "TBD". The main reason given? JWP wants to submit it to scholars and individuals of Native American descent to make sure their fantasy concepts pay proper homage and respect to these groups. Then JWP had to declare bankruptcy and was bought by Chaosium before the book was finished.
  • Series Hiatus:
    • On November 5th, 2018, John Wick announced to the Kickstarter backers that the entire staff of JWP had to be laid off due to financial difficulties for the company. JWP was, for all intents and purposes, now a one man show. John promised to continue working on the remaining sourcebooks still out for writing/production, but the already delayed splats for Second Edition now seem to be in limbo.
    • The Hiatus has officially ended as of March 2019. Chaosium has picked up the rights and hired JW as writer for the series.
  • Shout-Out: The Second Edition Splatbook for the Western Thean Nations expanded on the rules for Alchemy. One of the major additions? The ability to create prosthetic arms and legs from metal.