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Trivia / Serial

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  • Dude, Not Funny!: Best Buy's twitter cracked a joke about Serial. Repeat: A joke about a teenage girl being murdered, supposedly in their own parking lot. It was not received well.
  • Technology Marches On: Because the murder happened in 1999, some technological evidence that would have been easy to access in 2014 isn't available. For example:
    • Cell phones not being widely available to teens at the time, Adnan and Hae Min used mostly pagers to contact each other.
    • Adnan's cell phone records could only identify outgoing calls, the incomings were only timestamped without Caller ID.
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    • The Best Buy parking lot had no security cameras, or if it did, they would have recorded onto VHS tapes to be re-used every week.
    • The presence or absence of a payphone at Best Buy circa 1999 becomes relevant.

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