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  • Actor Allusion:
  • Actor-Shared Background: Why does Tsubasa sing enka when she goes to karaoke with Hibiki and Miku in episode 9? Must be because Nana Mizuki spent most of her childhoodnote  being trained to sing enka and participating in enka singing contests and jobs before she finally debuted as a voice actress/singer in 3rd year high school. Normally, young people don't sing enka when they casually hang out with friends...
    • A sadder side to this is that both Tsubasa and her CV, Nana Mizuki, have similar issues when it comes to paternal abandonment and parental approval. Makes one wonder how many nerves it touched for Nana Mizuki to do GX E9.
  • All-Star Cast: In the most literal sense of "all". (In Episode One alone, we hear from Index, Madoka Kaname, Conan Edogawa, Fate Testarossa, Ryoma Nagare, Fujiko Mine, and the Producer, with Kira Yamato showing up in the very next one!) It's not that surprising that the Symphogear users are played by some of the most accomplished singers from the anime world, but even the Bridge Bunnies, Those Three Girls, the Big Bads of the first two seasons, AND the lady who runs the okonomiyaki restaurant are stars in their own right, as seen here.
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  • Anime First: This is the first original anime by Noriyasu Agematsu.
  • Colbert Bump: Crunchyroll's posting of various clips of Symphogear XV on their youtube page and promotion of the series as a whole on twitter has given it a minor bump in popularity compared to past releases.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: A notable example in AXZ with Cagliostro being voiced by Shouta Aoi, a male voice actor. This is justified in-universe as Cagliostro was once a man before being turned into a woman.
  • Fan Nickname: Pretty much everyone, except Hibiki (who is usually referred to by her In-Series Nickname of "Bikki"):
    • Due to his sheer badassery and that one costume he used in the training montage end, Genjuro is affectionally called Akuma.
      • In Japan, fans refer to him as "OTONA" which means "adult". Yes, it's all written in capital Latin letters.
    • Tsubasa is a sword. Or Setsuna. Back in season 1 and G she was also called Sakimori ("sentinel").
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    • Chris's song Makyu Ichaival has her repeatedly singing "zenbu", so fans have often taken to referring to her as Zenbu.
      • On a side note, some fans also combined this Zenbu with boobs becoming "Zenboobs." The reason was that her Symphogear shows her ample boobs off as well as visibly the biggest bust (although canonically Maria has larger bust (96 vs 90), but downplayed due to height differences).
    • Since she has blonde hair and her Symphogear outfit resembles that of a witch, Kirika is known by some fans as Dark Magician Girl (or DMG for short). She's also known as DESS, due to her Verbal Tic.
    • Both Shirabe's relatively serious nature and Weapon of Choice have earned her the nickname Buzzkill. Certain Image Boards also call her Jii~, after a well-known gif of her staring at the camera.
    • Because they're almost always seen together, some fans have taken to referring to both Kirika and Shirabe as DMJii, a combined pun on their individual nicknames listed above.
    • After Maria spent most of G out of the action due to angst, she picked up the Detractor Nickname of Useless or Useless Tentacle Woman (the latter due to her hair looking like tentacles).
    • Nastassja, due to her name being difficult to spell/pronounce, is usually just called Mom or Ma'am as she's called in-series, but she's also called Wheels sometimes.
    • Ver is QUALITY Doctor, for obvious reasons.
    • Before GX even started airing, Carol had already been nicknamed ZUN girl or simply "the Touhou", for her frilly outfit and large hat.
    • Fans on the wiki gave the nickname "Airgetlam" for Serena's and later Maria's gear. This is based largely on a piece of information on an official source naming the gear 'The Silver Gear'. The name being a nod to Wild Arms 2 is also speculated. Confirmed by Maria's activation song at the end of G.
    • Hibiki's father, since being officially introduced, has generally come to be known as Top Dad (mainly due to being an awful dad and for being introduced as a Dirty Coward and a loser).
    • Symphogay for the series itself in some circles, due to the large amount of ship tease and close relationships between the girls, with at least two pairs hinted as being more or less "official" (read: heavily teased). Apparently, even the seiyuu of the characters have commented on it.
  • God Never Said That: Contrary to popular belief, the show was not a 2 cour (26 episodes) run that was switched to 1 cour (13 episodes) midway. Symphogear was always intended to be one cour, it's just that there were too many ideas and they had to be cut out. You can read more about it here.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Some fans assumed that the Downer Beginning was just a Troll and that Hibiki is still alive. Some even thought of it already at the very beginning. Boy, they were right!
    • In season 2, Maria isn't Fine's reincarnation. Also, for all of Ver's seemingly Well-Intentioned Extremist propaganda of 'saving humanity from the Moon's fall'... he just lied his ass off, he just wants to save his own butt and the rest die for his amusement!
  • Name's the Same:
    • Hibiki and Kanade are also the names of the first two heroines of Suite Pretty Cure ♪, another music themed magical girl anime. The evil force Noise is also the name of Suite Precure's Big Bad. Second season adds up a new antagonist whose first name is Shirabe, which is also the last name of Suite Precure's final Fourth Cure. Another new antagonist, Maria Cadenzavna Eve shares the same first name with Suite Precure's Hibiki's mother.
    • Hibiki is also the name of the protagonist of yet another music themed Henshin Hero series.
    • Miku has nothing to do with Miku Hatsune.
    • Shinji Ogawa shares his name with the late veteran Seiyuu Shinji Ogawa (March 2015)
  • No Dub for You: Both its NA stream and home released from Discotek Media are sub only.
  • No Export for You: At least at first. G was never licensed to the west compare to the first season when it premiered back in 2013. However, with Crunchyroll's licensing of GX, they were able to bring both G and the first season with them. The same happened to AXZ which wasn't licensed during its premiere run but did get licensed alongside XV.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Sleeper Hit: The first season did rather poorly in terms of home video sales, due to its budget problems. The singles and OST, however, sold well enough that a second season was ordered. Each subsequent season has sold more than the last in terms of home video sales.
    • The first season sold an average of 5,045 copies per volume, the second season (G) average grew to 8,701 copies per volume, the third season (GX) grew once again to an average of 14,229 copies per volume and ranked as not only the top selling anime of the summer but also ranked as the tenth best selling anime of 2015.
    • Season 4 (AXZ) grew yet again to an average of 14,792 copies per volume, and ranked as the sixth best selling anime of 2017.
    • Season 5 (XV) has not only grown again but at a much more absurd level, at potentially 27,000 copies for the first volume alone, after a single day, no less.
  • Surprisingly Good English: While Finé (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) has Gratuitous English dialogues, and Maria (voiced by Youko Hikasa) has a Gratuitous English song, Chris' voice actress Ayahi Takagaki's English is very good and much easier to understand than the other two. The ED single of G has Memory as its third song. Compare it to Maria's Dark Oblivion and tell whose English is better.

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