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Trivia / Seeds of Yesterday

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The book provides trivia of:

  • Un-Installment: A persistent rumor is that an Andrews-authored book entitled Garden in the Sky was meant to follow this one. Instead readers got the ghostwritten prequel Garden of Shadows. The rumor stems from a printing error in some editions of Seeds of Yesterday in which the final chapter (before the epilogue) was erroneously headed "Read on for a preview of Garden in the Sky". "Garden in the Sky" was in fact the title of the chapter itself; the "read on for a preview" was meant to be placed above a sneak-peek at Garden Of Shadows at the end of the book. As a rumor, Garden in the Sky received a lot of mileage, with readers "hearing" all kinds of tempting hints about its plot: that it would follow the lives of Cathy's adult children, that Bart would have an affair with Cindy, that Jory would miraculously regain the use of his legs, that the twins Deirdre and Darren would be locked in the secret attic room for at least part of the book, and that it would outdo all previous books for shocking secrets. Maybe it's all to the better that Garden in the Sky never existed; it could never live up to the version in people's minds.

The TV movie provides trivia of:

  • Dawson Casting: Possibly with Sammi Hanratty as Cindy, who was 19 at the time of filming. Cindy is 16 in the beginning book, but it isn't clear if she is in the film.
  • Fake American: Leah Gibson (Melodie) and Nikohl Boosheri (Toni) are Canadian and Rachel Carpani is Australian.
  • Playing Gertrude: Rachel Carpani (Cathy) is only 10 years older than the actors playing her sons and 16 years younger than Cathy is supposed to be, making her death scene at the end of the film, presumably from old age, border on Narm.

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