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Trivia / Season of the Witch

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  • Saved from Development Hell: Not quite, but originally the film was owned by Lionsgate and was to be released during March of 2010. However, test screenings fared poorly and the film was put on the backburner. It was then bought by Rogue Pictures and received some reshoots before being released in theaters during January 2011. However, it has been in the making since 2000 and had been making rounds from studio to studio before it was finally put into production.
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  • What Could Have Been: The ending in the film is a reshot ending. In the original ending there was no demon, as the girl was actually a witch, and the monks were not possessed, but were rather puppets controlled by the witch's powers; also, Felson died stabbed on the back by one of them, while Behmen would die doing a Diving Save for Kay when the witch rammed him with a sword. Bits and pieces of the original ending can be seen in Liongate's promos for the film back from early 2010.


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