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  • Actor Allusion: Kent Mc Cord played a human astronaut meeting aliens, a change from his other series, Battlestar Galactica.
  • Executive Meddling: Network executives were responsible for each extensive retool the show went through, turning a series that was supposed to focus on exploration into one that was much more action-oriented in Season 2 and a straight-out military drama in Season 3.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • DSV was occasionally expanded out as Dysfunctional Space Vehicle by fans who felt that it was a retooled Star Trek.
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    • The critics loved calling it ''seaQuest PMS'' because of how hostile Captain Stark, Lt. Commander Hitchcock and Dr. Westphalen were in the pilot episode.
  • Production Posse: Kent McCord played the recurring role of Scott Keller. Later, he became a recurring character on Farscape, another sci-fi series by Rockne O'Bannon.
  • Real-Life Relative: Tony Piccolo's father was played by Dom De Luise, Michael DeLuise's father. One scene had Dom acting alongside all three of his sons (Michael playing Tony, Peter playing Dagwood, and David playing the manager of the establishment they were all in).
  • Recycled Script: "Sympathy for the Deep" is a Serial Numbers Filed Off copy of "The Naked Time" in Star Trek: The Original Series and "The Naked Now" in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Unfinished Episode: Details for several episodes that went unproduced; scripts can be read here:
    • Season 1
      • "A Place Called Armageddon": The Seaquest crew learns that World War III has broken out and the surface is a nuclear wasteland. They find a few survivors and then diving deep to avoid radiation. It turns out to be a hoax planned by UEO brass to see how the crew of the flagship will react, and the survivors are plants. When the crew learns of this, they Troll the plants by pretending to fall so hard for the hoax that they've set the self-destruct rather than attempting to survive on waning supplies in a nuclear apocalypse, and further troll the UEO by cutting communications for a few hours to let them think they'd really gone through with it.
      • "Friends in High Places": Seaquest participates in a war game during which they are fired on by a live torpedo. The perpetrator's motives are exposing decades-old Cuban war crimes.
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    • Season 3
      • "About-Face Treatment": Captain Hudson is captured by Macronesia and brainwashed into believing he's The Mole, a longtime spy working for Macronesia to infiltrate the UEO. In a variation, he's made to believe that Oliver Hudson is a real UEO officer that he looks like via plastic surgery, instead of being a supposed long-term infiltrator.
      • "Depths of Deceit": A Gambit Pileup involving President Bourne of Macronesia trying to take over Deon International and their new space-based anti-submarine weapon, while Captain Hudson's father conspired with President Bourne's Dragon to overthrow him and gain control of Macronesia.
      • "The Vault": Several supporting characters are recruited for a dangerous mission while on shore-leave.
    • Additionally, Jonathan Brandis wrote and was set to direct an episode entitled "The Horizon Crew", but the script has never found its way into the internet.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The SeaQuest DSV Wiki.


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