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  • All-Star Cast: Bill Murray, Karen Allen, Robert Mitchum, John Glover, Alfre Woodard, John Forsythe, Bobcat Goldthwait, David Johansen, Carol Kane...
  • Completely Different Title: In order to play up the Ghostbusters angle, the Mexican title for this movie was "The Ghosts Strike Back."
    • Some dubs change the title to "The Ghosts Attack the Boss."
    • The German dub is titled a bit more creatively: "The Ghosts I Called."
    • In Italy the film is known as "S.O.S. Fantasmi" (S.O.S. Ghosts).
  • The Danza: James's wife, played by Wendie Malick, is named Wendie.
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  • Dyeing for Your Art: All the abuse Bill Murray takes from Carol Kane? It's all real.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Carol Kane reportedly came very close to actually whacking Bill Murray with the toaster on every single take, though it never actually happened.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: Bill Murray ad-libbed most of his lines. In a 1988 interview with Philadelphia Daily News, Richard Donner discussed Murray's penchant for improvisation and described the experience of directing Murray as follows: "It's like standing on 42nd Street and Broadway, and the lights are out, and you're the traffic cop."
  • Hostility on the Set: Bill Murray and Richard Donner reportedly did not enjoy working together, creating a lot of tension on-set. When asked by Roger Ebert if he had any disagreements with Donner, Murray replied:
    Only a few. Every single minute of the day. That could have been a really, really great movie. The script was so good. There's maybe one take in the final cut movie that is mine. We made it so fast, it was like doing a movie live. He kept telling me to do things louder, louder, louder. I think he was deaf.
    • Donner said of Murray:
    He's superbly creative but occasionally difficult - as difficult as any actor.
  • Playing Against Type: Initially Bobcat Goldthwait seems like odd casting as the timid, softspoken sad sack Elliot. It makes a lot more sense by the end though.
  • Prop Recycling: Lee Majors carried the same converted M134 Minigun used in Predator, which he found difficult to hold due to its weight.
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  • Real-Life Relative: Bill's brother John Murray as Frank Cross's brother James. Brian Doyle-Murray also cameos as Earl, their father, in the past sequence. Joel Murray plays another guest at James' party.
  • Throw It In!:
    • Jack McGee ad-libbed his line "You can hardly see them nipples."
    • Bill Murray falling on his way out of the restaurant is said to have been unscripted and a genuine accident. Apparently, it was due to the stairs still being wet, after splashing the waiter with water, that caused him to lose his footing.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • Frank refers to Leroy Nieman painting a mural on the Berlin Wall, and one of the cities that the Scrooge telecast was supposed to be live from is West Berlin. The Berlin Wall would fall within a year.
    • Grace has an anti-Apartheid poster on the wall of her apartment. Apartheid did not last much longer than the Berlin Wall did.
      • The Anti-Apartheid poster was likely a throw in by Richard Donner, as he was an outspoken Anti-Apartheid activist at the time (and similar posters were featured on Lethal Weapon).
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    • The idea of a VCR as a premium gift strikes audiences today as a little amusing.
    • "...And Starring Mary Lou Retton as 'Tiny Tim.'" If you're into gymnastics, you might know who Mary is, and why she was famous in The '80s. If not, well...
  • Wag the Director: Bill Murray wanted several changes to the script once he joined the project; among other changes, the romantic plot with Karen Allen's Claire was expanded, and the family scenes were reworked as Murray felt they were "off".
  • What Could Have Been: Sam Kinison was originally slated to play The Ghost of Christmas Past. The part eventually went to David Johansen due to his friendship with Bill Murray.


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