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Trivia / Schwarzesmarken

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Gretel Jeckeln earned the name Homussar due to being physically similar to Homura Akemi.
    • As for Theodor, he is also called Masterdor by fans of the franchise in western countries (see the Fanon entry in the YMMV page).
    • Ketchupman or Colonel Ketchup for Heinz Axmann, for obvious reasons.
    • Sexstasi or Beato for Beatrix. Beato from a corruption of the pet name Jürgen gives her in the prequel and Sexstasi for rather obvious reasons. Even the official Kickstarter got in on it, labeling her dakimakura sample pictures with "Sexstasi."
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  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": For Latin American viewers, this is the first and very likely, only thing from the Muv-Luv translated and dubbed into Spanish.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: A majority of the female voice actresses also had roles in Wake Up, Girls!, another avex production. In addition, both Irisdina's and Gretel's voice actresses were also in The Idol Master Cinderella Girls.

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