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Trivia / Saving Christmas

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  • Creator Killer: Kirk Cameron has faded into obscurity as a result of this movie and what he tried to do to save it.
  • Dear Negative Reader: Cameron was fairly upset at the negative reviews and begged fans to improve the fan rating on Rotten Tomatoes to combat the bad critical reviews. This became a disaster, as the Audience Rating score fell from 94% to 63%. In other words, he attracted the attention of the general public, when previously only dyed-in-the-wool fans had been voting. Oops. It bottomed out at a 31% audience rating and a 0% Critic rating, and had the added effect of winning Cameron several Razzies to go with the lower scores as a result of him activating the Streisand Effect trope.
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  • Descended Creator: Director Darren Doane plays Bridgette's husband Christian.
  • Looping Lines: In one notorious scene, two characters hold coffee cups over their lips while all of the dialogue is ADR'd. It's not very convincing.
  • No Budget: It seems like the production was filmed during an actual Christmas get-together in 2013, with what seems to be unscripted parts featuring overlapping dialogue, while the scripted dialogue is wooden and forced. Consider this: the film has, on paper, a $500,000 budget. So there was at least a bit of money available for the production. Did they spend it all on the best ham and the richest butter?
  • No Export for You: Judging by IMDB, the movie was never shown outside the U.S.
  • Streisand Effect: The result of Cameron trying to get his fans to get the film positive scores on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb resulted in a backlash that drastically lowered the critic score. This also earned him a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screen Couple with his "ego". His attempt to bend Rotten Tomatoes also became one of the factors that led to Saving Christmas earning the Worst Picture of 2014 Golden Raspberry Award.


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