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Trivia / Saturday Supercade

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  • First Appearance: Pretty much everyone makes their first appearance outside of an arcade cabinet, but special mention must go to...
  • He Also Did: Would you believe Kimberly from the Space Ace segments was done by a pre-Simpsons Nancy Cartwright?
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Considering that the games adapted for this show were all licensed by different companies, it'd be hard to see this in full form on TV again, or on DVD. It doesn't help that the segments are all individually owned by different companies (but Warner Home Video said it has plans in 2010...)
    • Specifically, the rights to the Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. segments are held by NBCUniversal; this was a result of Universal and Nintendo settling a lawsuit over Donkey Kong being a ripoff of King Kong. The Q*bert shorts are apparently owned by Sony Pictures (as it appeared briefly in "Minisode" form on their Crackle streaming service); Sony owns rights to the game. (Columbia Pictures owned Gottlieb at the time, and even after they were spun off under the reign of Coca-Cola, Columbia still retained the rights. It's why there's a Columbia copyright in the credits for Wreck-It Ralph; Disney had to license Q*bert and crew from Sony.)
    • Space Ace is the one in the best sights, being held by Warner Brothers who is very big on Hanna Barbera and Ruby Spears releases and no doubt will get its day on DVD eventually.
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    • The official holders of Frogger, Pitfall and Kangaroo remain a mystery, as Warner Archive has never publicly said if they have rights or not to these three like they did the above mentioned four. Although one can speculate they must have at least one of the other segments if they were considering a "Saturday Supercade" release, that kind of implies they have more than one segment, otherwise it would have to be just a Space Ace release.
    • Further adding to this, only one full episode is commonly circulated among certain circles, containing one segment each of Frogger ("Spaced Out Frogs"), Donkey Kong ("Gorilla My Dreams"), Q*Bert ("Crazy Camp Creature"), and Donkey Kong Jr. ("The Teddy Bear Scare"), leaving out Pitfall, Kangaroo and Space Ace. When Platypus Comix got a hold of CBS' Saturday morning preview special for 1983, which contained rare Supercade clips (including one of Pitfall), they made a point to emphasize that the show was hard to find and that the Donkey Kong clip they provided was the first to be circulated on the Internet without a farsighted Southern Belle being involved.
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    • Since the release of the first episode, more segments have been found with Donkey Kong, Q*Bert, Space Ace and Donkey Kong Jr. having most, if not all, of their segments found in some form or another. While Frogger has six segments, while Pitfall and Kangaroo have two each (along with a small segment of a third for the latter). With a total of four full recordings of Supercade itself floating around the internet.
  • No Export for You: In Latin America, only the Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. and Space Ace segments were dubbed. The rest were never brought there.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Because of the above, this means that any release of the show will likely only be able to come in the form of its individual segments (including an MOD-DVD release of the Q*bert segments from Sonynote ).
  • What Could Have Been: Warner Archive had hoped to release the show in its entirety, but those plans never materialized, and it has since been confirmed why (as explained above).